The Khanh-post Project

The Khanh-post Project
"So...What's with the white buckets?"
We're very excited to introduce Mrs Khanh Hlai, a proud local Colorado farmer and chief collaborator on Fluid's Khanh-post Project. 
We first met Khanh in 2013, when she expressed an interest in taking home a couple pounds of used coffee grounds to help grow her peonies. Five pounds of coffee grounds a week eventually turned into 50 lbs, and currently Khanh processes roughly 80% of Fluid's waste into nutrient-rich compost for her peony farm.
Khanh's dream is to eventually open her Peony Farm to the public as a community-oriented event venue, and to offer educational tours to local area schools. She hopes to inspire people of all ages to appreciate the wonders of nature and to act as responsible, sustainable stewards to our land.
An important step to realizing Khanh's dream is to build a sustainable greenhouse for her peony seedlings. By using hot beds of compost as natural incubators in early spring, and solar-powered fans to keep the greenhouse cool in the summer, Khanh can closely monitor and regulate her peony crops for maximum quality in a shorter growing period. 
To that end, Khanh needs two things... More raw compost materials and a little extra funding. That's where you come in.
Every time you enjoy a cup of coffee at Fluid Coffee Bar, the raw materials used to make your drink goe directly into the Khanh-post Project. 
Every time you enjoy a cup of coffee "for here", Fluid donates 5 cents to Khanh to help her and other featured Fluid Community Partners. 

Every time you bring in your own cup, you get the opportunity to Spin the Wheel and contribute an entire dollar into the Khanh-post Project.