We Don't Waste Community Nutritional Pilot Program

We Don't Waste Community Nutritional Pilot Program

We would like to introduce our featured Community Partner for the month of October,  our friend Maggie Brown of We Don't Waste.


Maggie is a friend of Fluid Coffee Bar, and a dedicated student at Metro State University. In her spare time, Maggie volunteers for the incredible non-profit We Don’t Waste here in Metro Denver. As part of her desire to affect positive social change, Maggie is spearheading a pilot program designed to help people maximize the nutritional potential of their cupboard.


"We Don't Waste is an innovative provider of food for the hungry and hard-pressed people in Denver Metro. We work directly with our food service partners (restaurants, catering companies, distributors, etc.) to source quality and nutritious food. We have connected with 60+ organizations in the metro area to know their needs and the people they serve, which allows us to redistribute the donated food same-day to whichever groups can best use it--working efficiently and effectively! We now are looking to pilot a program for Community Nutrition to help partner organizations' staff and those they serve better utilize the resources they receive.

The main focus points of this Community Nutrition Pilot Program are:


  • Food safety and cooking skills (knife and prep pointers, storage, cooking to maintain integrity)

  • Nutrition awareness (nutrient-dense foods + individual preferences --> build a balanced meal)

  • Reducing food waste with creativity and composting (improvisation with donated ingredients and responsible disposal of scraps)