We Love Melissa

We Love Melissa

The epitome of an optimist, Melissa Enyeart always has an easy smile and a warm, inviting heart. A proud "earth mama", Melissa dedicates her time and energy to her two passions; her daughter Euphoria, and social justice/food advocacy for the Denver 5-points community. 


Shortly after her 35th birthday, our dear friend Melissa was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer spreading to her lymphatic system. It was a shocking diagnosis, as we have always known Melissa to be a thriving, effervescent young woman. It hardly seems fair that such a compassionate person, with so much to give to her family, friends and community, should have to hear such news. 


Throughout the duration of her ordeal, Melissa has kept her spirit strong and continues to fight on behalf of her loving family. Undaunted by her diagnosis, Melissa is looking forward to creating community gardening projects in her 5-points community this summer. "Summer is my favorite time of year, as I am a gardener and I believe my destiny here is to be an Earth worker. I believe in sustainable environmental solutions that involve community and good whole-hearted ethics." Her personal fortitude is remarkable, and her unwavering compassion for others is inspirational. 


We at Fluid Coffee Bar want to support Melissa and her family through these difficult times by giving them the opportunity to enjoy quality time together. For the month of June, we are donating $1 Sustainability Spins to the "We Love Melissa Enyeart Fund" to help send Melissa and her family a relaxing Colorado retreat this summer. We sincerely hope this vacation will invigorate her spirit and the Enyeart's with memories for a lifetime. 


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